This is a game made up of a series of challenges. Each challenge consists of a start page and a finish page. The rules are simple. In order to complete the challenge all you have to do is get to from the start page to the finish page.

Once you are at the finish page, there will be a link to the start for the next challenge. Simple? You bet!.. All you will need to play is a knoweledge of some basic web stuff such as HTML and a little Javascript. You will also need to have and know how to use an image editor for some of the challenges (Photoshop, PainShopPro or similar will do, and, I'm told, so will MS Paint.) As always in these situations, a little creative thinking will get you a long way. (You can go here to practice that.)

New! Congratulations to loOol for beating all the challenges and winning a free flooble T-shirt (Sorry, but that's the only one we can give away right now.) I hope you still have fun with the game, with no carrot dangling in front of you.

We do ask that you log in before playing the game so that we can keep track of your progress. Sigining up is a breeze, and takes a couple of seconds.

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