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Virgo (Virgin)
Born August 23 - September 22
Virgos posess all the charm of an rhinoceros and the brains of a rabbit. They are petty and greedy, annoying and argumentative. Virgos' lack of knowledge and imagination makes them unberable for colleagues and difficult for family.

With her incessent nit-picking, a Virgo is capable of grinding any endeavor to a screeching halt, and driving even even a patient person to the brink of madness. She never improvises, planning out every action weeks in advance down to the most boring and minute detail, much to the chagrin of anyone else who may be involved.

Anything a Virgo does is precipitated by cold logical calculation. Every action is respectable, predictable and boring.

A Virgo is a vengeful master of intrigue, and if one has enemies, she will not rest until they, their families, their friends, and the families of their friends have been taught a made to feel her wrath.

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