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Here's some fun stuff that you can do to occupy your useless free time with. Each of these sections also provides some code you can "take away" and put on your own page (if you have one) to amuse your visitors (once again, if you have any).

You can talk about all of these fun things in the fun stuff section of the flooble :: forum.

Ever feel like blogging's becoming a chore? Need to update your blog but don't have any ideas what to write about? Use this handy tool to generate a random Blog post, ready for pasting into your favorite blogging tool. Keep generating until it's funny... or stupid - the combinations are virtually limitless!

We managed to get our hands on a screenshot of a new pre-release version of the website that the online giant was testing in late 2002. Apparently they decided the interface needed a little further tweaking, and held off releasing it quite yet. But you can what a few hand picked customers were shown during these trials...

See pictures of New York residents from the Blackout of 2003. This potential disaster turn nuisance brought out the best and the worst in everyone, and we've got pictures. From Downtown, to the Central Park, to the outer boroughs, see and rate the photos of what took place the night of August 14th to 15th of 2003, when the City that Never sleeps was put to bed.

Are you tired of the mainstream horoscope industry, which keeps telling you what a great person you are? Face it. You know and we know, it's all bull (or Taurus in Zodiac-speak). Well, we've got a horoscope that isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Read yours if you dare. Then read all your friends' - that's the fun part, anyway. It's so bad, we called it "Horroscope". Get it?

Got Unused Points laying around your house taking up space and gathering dust? Why not Donate them for a good cause. We will be accepting all kinds of points for charitable donations - starting today with WeightWatchers® points and "Whose Line is it Anyway?" points. More to follow...

On the heels of Business Proposal comes a slighly less useless (and no less entertaining) page. "Business Reply Generator" lets you create responses to those annoying s(p/c)ammers. Enter a few details about the proposal you received, click "Generate", and give those bastards something to read over and scratch their heads at.

Did you ever get one of those emails asking for your help in transporting MILLIONS (1,000,000s) or US DOLLARS from Africa? Sure you did. Ever wonder if it's for real? Well it's not. But now you can use our fun business proposal generator to create letters just like it, with your choice of cooky lies to tell. (Just don't send it to your friends. I think that's illegal.)

Achieving a highly coveted reputation of a "cool" person has never been easy for some of us (you know who you are). Now, thanks to flooble's innovative technology, everyone has a quick and easy chance to become a little bit cooler.

Building on the advanced technology introduced with the Birth Year Quiz (see below), our staff of trained, super-intelligent space hamsters brings you The Gay Quiz. Based on only a few simple quiestion, we will determine your sexual orientation with an unprecedented accuracy*!
*Results not typical. Actual accuracy may vary

Look over some internal corporate memos sent back and forth between a team trying to create a massive project on a limited time and budget. Only this isn't your regular company. Wittness the trials and tribulations that God and archanels went through to create the world!

A page very useful to the color-concious netizens everywhere. Wade through tons of color-combinations to find that perfect one to use in your next web project. Or just see what others like. How well can you distinguish two colors that are made for one another from ones that should never appear together under the same domain name? Look at and vote for color combinations, and then see if others agree with your choices.

Tired of seeing all those pointless quizzes on people's pages like "What kind of salad dressing are you"? So are we. So we made a web quiz to end all web quizzes. One that actually tells something meaningful about you, and does it accurately. Take the quiz, and it will determine the year of your birth. Then, it will give you some code that you can paste on your page to prowdly show off the result.

Recently, the internet has a large number of sites popping up that let you rate the pictures of complete strangers. Face it, most of these people are ugly and unpleasant to look at. So here's a rating page that will surely please even the harshest among you. We invite you to rate pure, clean colors on the basis of how blue they appear to you personally. Make your choice. See what others thought. Even put it on your site should you want to. has teamed up with jokes2go to bring you the best humor content of the web on a nice blue background. Or, if you prefer, on whatever background your page uses. (Though you really should be using blue.) That's right! We now let you stick a free random joke on your page, and at no extra charge, your visitors can come and express their shock at the kind of sick humor we seem to enjoy. Read the jokes, rate the jokes, share the jokes. It's all here.
(Warning. Some of these jokes are intended for mature audiences, so if bad words make your feel queasy, you best stay out.)

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