Project Genesis
Internal Corporate Correspondence

This was originally written in Russian by Yuriy Nesterenko.

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To: General Director Jehovah
From: Gabriel, Marketing Director

The market research conducted by our department for the Genesis project, shows that systems of the following configuration will generate the highest level of consumer enthusiasm:
  • Planet(s): 1
  • Radius: 3,000 km
  • Gravitational pull: 0.5g
  • Land/Water ratio: 1:1
  • Temperature: +24 C
  • Atmosphere: Oxygen
  • Oceans/Seas: Fresh Water
  • Rivers: Milk, Honey
  • Fauna: Herbivores
  • Peripherals: 2 luminary bodies, (for day, night).
    • Orbital Speed: 0.0007 RPM (1 revolution / 24h cycle)

Forwarding to the strategy planning department for preparation.
-- Jehovah

To: General Director Jehovah
From: Michael, Strategy Planning Manager

In order to minimize the overall project costs, I propose we power both luminary bodies using one energy source, and substitute Nitrogen for Oxygen.

Leave at least 50% of the oxygen - otherwise we run the risk of user suffocation.
-- Raphael

25% Should suffice.
-- Jehovah

To: General Director Jehovah
From: Lucifer, Head of System Technology Department

In the course of our work on project Genesis, we have run into some difficulties (specifically in the "Let there be Light" phase of the project):

We do not currently have access to a source of uninterrupted light that can be channeled into two separate luminary bodies. I propose we utilize a standard "Red Dwarf" type light source for daytime illumination, and use a mirror for nighttime light.

Upgrade to "Yellow Dwarf". The cost differential is minimal, but aesthetically, the look is far more impressive.
-- Gabriel (Marketing dept.)

But that's a multi-client light source! Why would the user need it for a single-planet system?
-- Lucifer

The marketing department will tell to the user what he needs or doesn't need.
-- Gabriel

Lucifer, please restrict your comments to questions within the field of your competence. I'm approving the "Yellow Dwarf".
-- Jehovah

By the way, with the level of light output generated by a Yellow Dwarf, we can use a regular planetoid instead of a mirror.
-- Michael

-- Jehovah

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