Pictures from the Blackout of 2003
The Blackout of 2003 was one of those things that while it seemed like it could be a potential disaster at first, ended up being no more than a major annoyance to millions and millions of New Yorkers.

Indeed, many viewed it as an adventure, and ended up spilling into the streets to socialize, hang out and just plain have fun. This is a page for the pictures of that memorable night of August 14th to 15th, 2003. Here you will see New Yorkers come out to support their city, help each other, party, or perhaps just take advantage of the huge discounts offered by the local merchants due to loss of power.

See what happens when a City that Never sleeps gets put to bed by a massive power outage.

Click around to look at the pictures, rate them, or just view them. (The lighting conditions are sub-par on many of them, but there's little we can do about that.)

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