Computer Humor

Based on a Russian version posted here.
Here's a list of "funny" computer one-liners. We put "funny" in quotes because they're probably only going to be funny to computer geeks. If you are not a computer geek, you can find "regular people" jokes here. If do you find these funny, then you're a 100% certified computer geek. Perhaps you should consider becoming cooler.

One programmer to another: "Imagine you have 1,000 dollars... Or if you prefer a round number - 1024..."

"... Ctrl-Alt-Del... The three keys that changed DOS..."

And I suppose the virus is also to blame for that spilled coffee on your keyboard?..

A bit is what's left from a byte after taxes.

God created the world in seven days, and the system still works without needing to be restarted. This is because He didn't have to worry about backwards compatibility. (more about this)

Garry Casparov has finally beat the computer, getting two points and moving forward to level 7 with three lives.

And F1 shall grant you enlightenment, and F2 will offer salvation!

For the longest time, it was assumed that you cannot split a bit. But today, our scientists...

Life is a game with no Setup.

And Jesus created the water2wine converted, and gave it away for free (as in beer).

Jesus has changed your life. Save Changes? (Yes/No/Cancel)

Press any key... No! Not that one!

Nothing hampers a programmer's creativity as much as a compiler.

Our new product is a Mouse Glove designed specifically for Trackball users.

Navy hackers were able to patch an F-16's onboard computer giving the plane unlimited ammo.

From a programmer's standpoint, a user is a periferal device that provides an input stream for the READ command.

Computers make very fast, very accurate mistakes.

CPU not found. Running software emulation.

Error 109: Error 108

File not found. Nobody leaves the room!

Hello World! 17 errors, 31 warnings

Keyboard not found. Press F1 to continue...

Press any key to continue or any other key to exit

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