Peeptin the Sidebar Mini-Game
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If you liked Toggler, you will love Peeptin, the latest mini-game from flooble. Just like Toggler, Peeptin fits inside of a sidebar because it's only 130 pixels wide, but unlike Toggler, every game of Peeptin is diffrent - the squares are randomly arranged each time you press "shuffle". This means that if you put Peeptin on your page, your visitors will keep coming back again and again.

Check out peeptin to the right. It's small in size, but can be a challenging little bugger. The object is to first shuffle the numbers (click the "shuffle" button), then try to re-assemble the natural order (1 to 15, with the empty square in the lower right corner) To move a number into the currently empty square, simply click it.

Like it? So will your visitors. And we're giving peeptin away absolutely free, because here at we're just that nice.

So how do you put this puppy on your page? Easy. Just copy the following code, and paste it into your page's body somwhere. (Be careful not to put this inside of a <form> ... </form> tag, since that may cause problems.)

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