Flooble Dynamic Calendar

Ever need to let your site visitors pick a date in an easy way? The best that standard web controls currently offer is a combination of three text and drop-down fields, which is a pain in the behind for users if all they wish to do is pick "tomorrow". Luckily, flooble.com has a new calendar control script that's easy on your visitor, easy to integrate into an existing web form, and as flexible as all the other flooble scripts!

Here's a sample calendar, linked to a single form input field:

Pick a date:

You can format the date in this field as needed... Want to pass it as a parameter to MySQL? Use the "YYYY-MM-DD" format. Short-hand date format with a 2 digit year? Use "MM/DD/YY".

It is also possible to have the calendar fill in a 3 form field combination, breaking up the month, day and year into separate fields if your web site requires this.

Pick another date:

Notice how the three components of the date are all editable. If you change one of them, and then open the calendar, it will open up reflecting your changes.

Embedding an instant popup calendar like the ones on this page into your site is very easy with the flooble Dynamic Calendar. Simply configure your calendar on the next page, then click a button to grab some HTML and javascript code to paste into your page. The flooble Dynamic Calendar is completely free, and will work with pretty much any modern browser.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and customize yours now!

We spent 14 full days creating this script.
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